Verex Offers A Truly Integrated Security System


Companies are in constant search for ways to further improve upon their security arrangements. Working to thwart their efforts are a number of faceless miscreants waiting for the security slip-up which will give them access to companies’ physical and data resources. Faced with increasingly sophisticated security threats, companies are forced into a technological race. The many types of equipment which make up their security systems need to be perfectly synchronized to be able to protect their resources.

There are many security management and control software available. These types of software are designed to allow you to conveniently control and manage the inputs from various pieces of equipment to get them working as one. The Verex Director is one such software. This article discusses the importance of integrated security systems.

The Benefits Of Using Verex Director Security Management And Control Software

To get the best out of sophisticated equipment that make up advanced security systems, they need to be orchestrated by a management and control software like the Verex. Director. This software enables seamless integration of intrusion detection, access control and surveillance video equipment in one very intuitive user interface.

This effectively upgrades the system from separate sub systems into one which is capable of responding to and supporting each other. Thus whenever intruders are detected, an alarm is sent out, video feed from the surveillance camera at the site comes online, and the criminals can be tracked. You can adjust the certain cameras as needed to get a better view of unfolding events. Tracking is aided by the use of interactive graphic maps which let you choose particular equipment to control and manipulate during the ‘chase’.

Integration with the access control system means you can order doors to open and close in response to specific incidents. In a fire, for example, you can order the doors to close once all the personnel have evacuated. Elevators doors can also be controlled; in a fire they are normally disabled, and the elevator doors can be kept shut to stop the entry of unauthorized persons. When verifying or resolving reported incidents, cameras onsite can be called up to provide real time views. Video events can be viewed to trace back where specific events started.

Verex also offers the Photo Integration Package which works with the Director software to give you the ability to produce your own photo badges. The whole process from photo capture, badge design and ID or badge printing is included. Printing can be done using any Windows® compatible printer. You can choose to purchase only the software or the complete package which includes a badging workstation, a printer and camera.

Best of all the Verex Director Security Management and Control software is available in three packages starting from the Director Prime which can manage up to 16 Doors, 256 inputs and 1000 users all the way to the Director Enterprise Elite which can control up to 8000 doors, 64,000 inputs and 64,000 users.

Verex Director offers power and scalability in software which provides unmatched security systems integration.

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