MSPs Need Strong Marketing Materials to Stand Out in 2016

Msp marketingThe demand for managed service providers grew dramatically over the years, as businesses began to adapt technology more and more. Using the right MSP marketing materials, successful MSPs are making their mark for the long run, reaching out to the right people and the right time. There was a time when IT was considered to be expensive and difficult to manage for small and medium-sized businesses. But thanks to the existence of MSPs, those times are gone. MSPs have been providing businesses with cost effective IT management solutions, even to those who do not have their own internal IT team. MSPs made it possible for small businesses to enjoy the benefits of technology, without the burden of heavy resources, in-depth knowledge or significant investment.

However, as the demand for MSPs rose, so did the competition in the market. More and more MSPs are joining in, providing varying services and competitive pricing. Businesses now have more options to choose from, leaving MSPs with the challenge of standing out in the market. Furthermore, with the introduction of disrupting products such as public cloud services and automated software programs by IT giants such as Google and Microsoft, the competition just got a lot tougher. MSPs must now focus on optimizing their services, pricing and unique selling points, and communicate them to the marketing using effective MSP marketing materials. The key to success is reaching out to the right prospects and getting their attention. Survival in the long run is all about making long term relationships with existing and potential clients through quality service, support, transparency and results.

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To start things off, the first aspect to focus for MSPs is to make sure that they have a strong digital presence. This means having a quality and responsive website, optimized SEO ranking, social media presence and effective content marketing. Business generally search for MSP services online, or through referrals. Thus, MSPs have to make sure that their marketing materials highlight all that they have to offer, what sets them apart, and what benefits can they provide. Businesses always look for trustable experts to rely on, and this is where blogging helps out as a great tool. Through effective content planning, blogs can set up MSPs as thought leaders and establish a way to demonstrate their expertise. Creating video contents is also a great way to achieve high ranking, as well communicate key selling points to clients effectively. Highlighting case studies, success stories, industry news, are all great ways to keep the contents relevant and informative. Adding free resources such as newsletters, guides, are also great ways to establish trust and expertise.

The next area of focus should be the pricing and the quality of the services themselves. MSPs must look beyond providing clients with a good result, and focus on delivering them a good overall experience. This means clients can never be left to feel vulnerable, and support must always be available 24/7. Dedicated account managers, help desk, technicians, are all some great USPs to consider moving forward. Overall, the aim is to provide clients with comprehensive support and services, that not delivers results, but also builds trust. Moving forward, these relationships are what will separate successful MSPs from fail ones. MSPs must know their own potential, offerings and customers, and reach out to them when they need the most. This means, analyzing website traffic, geotargeting ads, and making sure that their services are visible in the digital world. Effective pricing is also a key factor to consider, along with transparency and honest communication. At the end of the day, the future of MSP is not be chasing after clients, but rather let the clients find them through quality performance.

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