Large Format Touch Screen – A Big Attention Grabber


Touch screens offer wonderful ways to interact with both your existing clients as well as your prospective market. With a large format touch screen the opportunities to engage your target market expands. A large format touch screen usually features multi touch capability which makes it ideal for simultaneous use by a group of people. A group of people huddled over an interactive screen is something that is sure to attract attention from even more people – something that tech savvy entrepreneurs are well aware of.

Eye-Catching, Attention-Grabbing Uses Of Large Format Touch Screens

Large interactive screens are getting the company’s message across to its clientele in many different types of business. So it you are as likely to find an interactive screen containing details of a company’s offerings at a car showroom, a hotel, a bank, a hospital, a supermarket, a mall, and many other industries; you can even find touch screens in places with high pedestrian traffic! These screens are presented in a variety of ways. A recent report says large interactive screens will soon turn an Iowa grocery store into a giant vending machine! How cool is that?

There are free standing touch screens which can be used at any permanent or temporary location. These screens can provide product details in interesting ways such as through games, contests and other types of dynamic content. Some of these large screens can be loaded with interactive games to occupy children to give you a chance to engage the parents.

More than providing information, free standing touch screens deployed at strategic locations within a store, trade exhibit, or conference, can also be used to gather valuable information about your clients. Through them you can entice your target market to register for special promotions and mailing lists.

To maximize the use of space, free standing touch screens can be deployed back to back which doubles the content you can display.

Touch screen tables are great for encouraging discussions. The discussions may take the form of a group of people collaborating on work projects. At times it may involve fine tuning project details with the client himself. Either way, touch tables make it easy to come to a consensus because proposed changes can easily be incorporated and displayed.

Just because touch tables are great tools for collaboration does not mean you cannot use them for product information. In fact, in some types of business, such as real estate sales, touch tables provide an impressive way to present your range of products directly to the client. Your chances of closing a sale will significantly improve if you can entice the client to provide direct inputs using the touch screen.

Touch screen walls and floors provide visual attraction sure to draw clients to the message you have embedded in the content. Once you have their attention it is easy for your sales staff to reinforce your sales pitch.

Just how effective are large touch screens for marketing? It seems very much so, especially if you consider that there is already an online company that rents them out on short notice for trade shows and conventions!

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