Exclusive Network Services Provider

A Network Service Providers is a business whose main goal is to sell bandwidth or provide network accessibility at a cost. This is done through their activities of providing a direct Internet backbone access to the internet and usually access the network access points (NAPS). Most IT company in Baltimore city offer network to particular clients only.

Exclusive Network Services Provider

The other day, Comcast Business announced the good news about them being the exclusive network services provider for Refraction. It is going to help them receive access to 1gigabit per second Ethernet dedicated internet and it is capable of scaling to 10Gbps of capacity. Good deal, right?

This got me to thinking about how the business world has changed, there has been a dynamic shift from analogue to digital work services. This has made work that was once difficult much easier. It has increased the productivity, quality and minimized the cost which is music to many business men. There is much dependency on the internet whether your business is a bakery shop or an IT service provider. Either way you will still need internet, what differs is the usage of internet or as one may say the bandwidth.

The advantage of having an exclusive network service provider is:

Your investment is protected, the network service provider’s main aim is to aid in the success of your business, and hence they ensure your investment is protected. They ensure there is a centralised built network that will allow access to upgrades of higher level functions with simple setup. There is guarantee that all your software will be updated. This will ensure delivery of high adaptable technology.

High availability of hardware as well as software. They are usually resilient enough to ensure no network downtime.

It is cheaper, those days you had to send a messenger to the other company is dead gone. All you got to do is just sent an email. There is also more coordination in the business because one can be able to access documents instantly, ensuring no delay in business. We all know time is money!

What many business men want to hear is, is it secure to use? And the answer is yes, it is secure to use, this because it is able to scan your document and detect any antivirus before downloading it. It is also able to mitigate information theft this is through the multiple layers across the network.

Their scalability is one to be amazed on. They can offer up to 1 GB/s non-blocking performance which is much reliable and convenient. This is because it is fast enough and one can be able to download heavy document in just a few seconds.

Many businesses have embraced the cloud based services, which relies heavily on internet and this why you need an exclusive network service provider. This is because they are able to maximize application availability, this will help to ensure that application network, server, data centres, streams are always available.

Their most important responsibility is to ensure you are satisfied, and they offer it in affordable prices.

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