Automotive Digital Signage – Brightening Showrooms & Repair Shops

automotive digital signage

In all kinds of business, having a great, impressive and feature packed product does not always get you anywhere; that is unless you can properly introduce your product to your target market. Nobody will buy your product unless you let them know about it.

The cars of today have lots of features and technologies that were not available a decade or so ago, although not all cars are equal. This is the reason why it is more important for car dealerships and service centers to exert more effort to promote their products more effectively. Car showrooms and repair shops have begun to use different types of automotive digital signage to inform customers about the remarkable qualities of their products and services. You can read about how automotive digital marketing can support traditional methods of advertising here.

How Automotive Digital Signage Sells Cars

Static sales posters are no longer enough to catch the attention of the average customer. And since success in business has always been determined by being a cut above the rest, especially in marketing; some mediocre products have been successfully marketed, and a few really great products have not managed to sell at all. That is why more and more digital screens are used in place of outdated posters. These screens convey their message with dynamic and eye-catching video content about each car model.

Digital displays are also much better at providing a list of each model’s features and explaining how those features benefit the customer. If an interactive touch screen is used, there are lots of ways or presenting the product; there can be images of a car’s interiors and exteriors. A video display showing the advantages of each feature can also be included. You can include image libraries showing cut-away views and exploded views of engines and any other part which merit the customer’s attention.

To really seal the deal, you can use interactive screens to demonstrate every available option. You can have the customer specify the build of the vehicle he’s interested in. Choices such as body color, rim type, and other forms of trim can be added and the resulting images can be shown immediately. As a bonus, you can also show how each choice affects the total price of each model.

Aside from the impact on customers, the showroom also saves on cost of printing. Changes to the content are easily updated using any computer workstation, so details about promotional offers are always up to date.

Other Uses

Digital signs can be deployed on customer lounges in car showrooms and service centers. The video can display product details, promotional offers, and the range of services on offer. Touch screen kiosks can be deployed strategically to encourage registration for mailing lists and for promotion notifications. Some touch screens can also be used to allow customers to register and schedule their vehicles for service appointments. Digital screen signage is great at presenting the range of available product and service options the client can choose from.

If your dealership does not use digital signs yet, you may be losing out to your competition.

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